• CCYIA Initiates Cruise Reassurance Action
    Release time: 2020 - 03 - 31
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    The COVID-19 has caused heavy loss to the global cruise economy. The entire cruise industry chain—— upstream and downstream—— has been affected, and cruise lines bear the major brunt. Mr. Zheng Weihang, Executive Vice President and Secretary General of China Cruise and Yacht Industry Association (CCYIA), proposed that the global cruise lines, ports, and travel agencies jointly launch a 'Cruise Reassurance Action' to eliminate passengers' worry about the cruise industry with different methods in the next two to three years. Only when passengers regain confidence can cruise economy recover steadily.


    CCYIA recently initiates the following 'Cruise Reassurance Action': 1. Contact the relevant government departments to assist in establishing regional and national cruise emergency response mechanisms for epidemic situations, and assist in promoting the safeguard measures and related policies for cruise voyage resumption. 2. Working together with cruise companies, invite major classification societies at home and abroad to hold technical seminars and prove safety of cruise ships with technology and data support. 3. Working together with cruise companies, release the epidemic prevention white paper; with guidance provided by medical and quarantine experts, and contents provided by cruise companies, construct international scientific and practical cruise risk assessment methods and emergency response procedures for three types of infectious diseases ASAP. 4. Working together with cruise companies, invite various types of media to inspect and experience cruise, to fully understand the facilities, technologies and emergency methods of various cruise companies, and to reports comprehensively and accurately for the cruise tourism.