• Red Star Macalline Enters the Cruise Industry from CCS14
    Release time: 2019 - 11 - 08
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    Recently, the Red Star Macalline, a top Chinese home furnishing department store, has formally cooperated with the CCS14. Red Star Macalline will for the first time enter into Chinese cruise industry to present its unique and stylish home design.

    In 33 years, Red Star Macalline has upgraded itself from a small local furniture shop to a one-stop shopping-mall-style furniture centre of its 9th generation. Red Star Macalline ranks top domestically with its 394 malls nation wide in regards to its operation area, mall number and regions covered. Worth 79.2 billion, the leading brand of China furniture industry -- Red Star Macalline became also the very first furniture retail company that was listed in both A+H shares. As a pioneer among the industry, Red Star Macalline always holds the vision of “forging an international Chinese brand” and targets itself at the improving of Chinese people’s taste of home furniture.

    The business of Red Star Macalline Group covers from real estate, material sales, business operation, decoration and installation to property management, leasing and repairing, which contributed to the success of its closed-loop omni-channel in the pan-furniture field.


    Relying on its incredible supply chain and design platform, the company offers its costumers “one-stop, general contract, transitional” solution which covers designing, installation, re-construction, material supplying, soft loading, furnishing, electrical equipment, security and home intelligence. At the meantime, Red Star Storage provides cost-effective furniture, building and decoration material of all categories for top 50 national real estate groups with the assist of its outstanding management system that contains billions of brands and an integrated purchase chain.

    This time, Red Star Macalline will fully utilize its own advantages, actively embrace new development areas, expand a new strategic arena, and aim to capture the 'Crown Jewel' of cruise manufacturing from design, planning, development and operation, etc. Accumulate richly and break forth vastly, with a brand value of 79.2 billion RMB, it leads the industry and will jointly draws a blueprint for the Chinese cruise industry chain.