• Industry Leader Salon Continues to Collect Topics
    Release time: 2017 - 07 - 14
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            12th China Cruise Shipping Conference  International Cruise Expo is hosted jointly by CCTA (China Communications and Transportation Association) and The People's Government of Hainan, and will be held on Nov. 05-07 2017 in Sanya, China.

            Industry Leader Forum is the classical leading forum in China Cruise Shipping Conference event. The forum will update to a salon format this year, inviting leaders of cruise companies to give in depth discussion on the topic of China cruise tourism achievements, difficulties, barriers, and solutions.

    Industry Leader Salon Continues to Collect Topics

            Among the significant issues of the cruise industry today, the CCS12 Organization Committee selected several representative topics that could be discussed on the salon:

            1. Southern China Market Layout and Strategy.

            2. How to face the decrease of passengers' cruising experience.

            3. Problem of clearance and excessive sale.


            Industry Leader Salon keeps on collecting the topics, questions, and countermeasures in all fields within the industry. CCS12 Organization Committee welcomes colleagues to contribute and send email to: info@ccyia.com.

            CCS12 organizing works has been started. Domestic and international industry leaders have provide a wide range of topics to the committee, and we will continue to collect such contributory topics that are committed to promoting the development of the industry, and provide more in-depth issues for CCS12 .