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    Release time: 2016 - 12 - 11
  • Today, Norwegian Cruise Line finally confirmed to participate in CCS12 China Cruise Shipping Conference International Cruise Expo. Mr. David J. HERRERA, China president, will lead the delegation. He will also show up on the Industry Leader Salon and communicate with cruise associates.  Here is a great opportunity for Chinese enterprises to sell product onto the cruise. The details of CCS12 International Cruise Expo Procurement Meeting have been released. Connie Yau, manager of procurement department from Genting HK, and Ye Zhamin, vice manager of procurement department from Genting HK, will participate in the meeting and communicate with enterprises from 2pm to 3pm on 6, November. In addition, Frank Yan, VP Sales of SkySea Cruise Line will participate in the meeting and select Ch...
    Release time: 2017 - 11 - 01
  • 大会议程 AGENDA论坛及展览地点:红树林国际会展中心3层Forum& Expo Location: Mangrove Tree Convention Center 3FL2017-11-05 / 星期日 / Sun. 10:00-10:30国际邮轮博览会开幕式International Cruise Expo Opening Ceremony2017-11-05 / 星期日 / Sun. 10:30-16:30大三亚邮轮岸上游精品线路考察Great Sanya Area Cruise Shore Excursions Inspection2017-11-05 / 星期日 / Sun. 14:00-16:30考察三亚邮轮码头及旅游设施Sanya Phoenix Cruise Home Port Inspection2017-11-05 / 星期日 / Sun. 18:30-20:00CCS12 凤凰岛之夜欢迎晚宴CCS12 Phoenix Island Night Reception Banquet2017-11-06 / 星期一/ Mon. 08:30-10:20开幕式暨行业政策论坛Opening Ceremony and Policy Forum展馆3层A厅3FL A Hall8:35-8:45海南省人民政府The People's Government of Hainan副省长Vice Governor何西庆HE Xiqing8:45-8:55国家旅游局National Tourism Administration副局长Vice Director李世宏LI Shihong8:55-9:05三亚市人民政府The People's Government of Sanya市长 Mayor吴岩峻WU Yanjun9:05-9:15中国船舶重工集团...
    Release time: 2017 - 11 - 01
  • CCS12国际邮轮博览会 三亚邮轮文化节 International Cruise Expo  Sanya Cruise Festival活动日程 Activities2017-11-05 / 星期日 / Sun.-9:00-10:00CCS12国际邮轮博览会 三亚邮轮文化节 开幕式CCS12 International Cruise Expo Sanya Cruise Festival Opening Ceremony2017-11-05 / 星期日 / Sun.-10:00-12:00邮轮文化初体验系列活动——青少年攀岩大比拼Cruise Culture Experience-- Teenager Climbing Competition2017-11-05 / 星期日 / Sun.-10:00-17:00邮轮文化初体验系列活动——免税店体验区Cruise Culture Experience-- Duty Free Shops2017-11-05 / 星期日 / Sun.-10:00-17:00第五届中国邮轮年度大奖 展览类奖项评奖投票5th China Cruise Annual Awards Exhibition Awards Votes2017-11-05 / 星期日 / Sun.-14:30-17:00邮轮文化初体验系列活动——艺术品拍卖会Cruise Culture Experience-- Art Gallery Auction2017-11-06 / 星期一/ Mon.09:00-12:00第五届中国邮轮年度大奖 展览类奖项评奖投票5th China Cruise Annual Awards Exhibition Awards...
    Release time: 2017 - 01 - 12